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Fishing & Hunting Seasons, NZ

Due to the seasonal nature of some activites please refer to this calendar when planning the timing of your trip. Trout fishing and duck shooting have restricted seasons. The seasons vary between districts, so please contact us for dates in the area you wish to hunt or fish. If you are traveling from abroad you may want to check for any seasonal cheap flights to New Zealand so you can save on your flight expenses and spend more on buying fish baits and other fishing tools for your fishing experience.

Most rivers, stream and lakes are available to fish in New Zealand. To find these great fishing spots may require access across private property. Steve's Adventure Tours can organise this for you so you may access great fishing locations during the season.

January Summer  

Rainbow & Brown Trout Fishing in Rivers & Lakes Salmon Fishing

Pig Wallaby Possum Rabbit
March Red Stag
Fallow Stag
Bull Tahr(Thar)
Buck Chamois

Canada Goose & Paradise Shell Duck


April Autumn
Duck Shooting Gray & Mallard
July Winter  
October Spring   Trout & Salmon Fishing As Above

Information regarding the best fishing lures, flies and which rivers to use them on can be found in the resources pages.

calendar photo

river photo

River mouth and beach photo

Trophy hunt during season